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I recently heard a sweet secret…that wishing is another way of praying:) I like this because so often we tell ourselves we don’t know how to pray, or we feel subconsciously (or consciously) inadequate to put our power of intention into action. However, at the same time we don’t usually hesitate to wish upon shooting stars, birthday candles, eyelashes, or dandelions blown upon the wind through our breath…somehow the concept of superstition aids to put the power of our thoughts into action with ease. This, to me, is a sweet reminder of the simplicity of prayer, a memo to the accessibility of being an agent of change in our lives, communities, nations, planets, and universes beyond our comprehension. I am choosing to share this thought on an auspicious day…March 20th, 2009, Spring Equinox, as an expression of my own wish to actualize writing as an offering to my community, more often, and in new and expansive ways. This blog, Expressions, is a place for community dialog, and I commit myself to be a catalyst for this forum. We launched our site in September ’08, and the time is ripe to utilize this forum as an exploration of the culture of Goddess Alchemy, the re-membering of an ancient science and wisdom. This is a seed, the ripening will reveal the blossoms as time unfolds.

Below is an excerpt from Barbara hand Clow’s AstroFlash Equinox report. Barbara is a teacher, mentor and ally whose work has been very important and vital to the formation of the Goddess Alchemy Project. Please enjoy this potent information, and to learn more you can visit: http://www.handclow2012.com/astroflash.htm Wishing you a blessed Equinox, and beyond…

“The spring equinox has arrived, and it is time to decide what we want to create during the rest of the year. As most of you know, the ancient goddess wisdom-Goddess Alchemy-is still available to us now. It teaches us how to use the powers of the four seasons. Many of you have discovered that you can create what you want in your life by utilizing this knowledge. During the last 100,000 years, humans venerated the goddess, the feminine intelligence of Earth/Gaia, by aligning themselves with the seasons. While the patriarchy attained domination during the last 5,125 years, this sacred knowledge was almost lost. Now, during the great awakening, millions are remembering how to co-create with the Divine by using this natural method. As the patriarchy rapidly disintegrates during the end of the Mayan Calendar, you can work directly with the planetary mind by using seasonality as an essential survival skill.
Choose three carefully crafted intentions during the Spring Equinox-and this will push you fast-forward into the stream of evolution, since time acceleration is exponential…The secret is, all the energy and potency exists at the fulcrum point, which is exactly what happens to human potential during the equinoxes. During the spring equinox we have the greatest potential to birth something new, and during the fall equinox we naturally balance our new creations with the rest of our reality.
Whether you like it or not, collective themes–financial renewal, the end of war, the ascendancy of kindness over cruelty–are going to be parts of your personal creations. For example, if you intend love and art, there will be more love and art in the world. To appraise your ’08-’09 creations, let me make it easier: whether you got something you intended, or not, just view what you’ve been doing as beautiful and desired by Nature. Your works are so much more wondrous than you are able to see right now, so paint them with shimmering light and refracted colors and accept how they have arrived and exist now. You must do this because Pluto in Capricorn rules ethics, truth, practicality, real need, and hard appraisal. Respect what you have created, since your works are seeds for a new universe that is just coming into form. There will be difficulties getting things done this spring; planets in Aquarius and Pisces favor spiritual transformation, not what works in the material world. Mars in Pisces in a close sextile to Pluto, and this tells us to utilize intuition and higher guidance for our actions this spring-which actually fits very well with the spiritual honing we’ve experienced during the winter. As you work to change difficult and stuck situations, open the gates of change by asking for higher guidance. This potential is fascinating to me because this seems to be how Barack Obama gets things done. Then his spiritual direction flows right through him to the people.
This is an exceptional spring equinox for manifestation.
If anybody out there is inclined to do a manifestation for peace this year, the Spring Equinox 2009 chart calls for it. ” –Barbara hand Clow http://www.handclow2012.com

with love,

Celena delphi



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Greetings Family!
We’re happy to welcome you to our new blog.
Expressions is the portion of our site that we have created for interactive exploration.
We acknowledge you as our community and your participation is vital to our visioning and creative process. Thank you!
We will be posting current threads for you to weave within your own inspiration and explore the science of alchemy and community building.

This will not be limited to any particular topic, as it will be informed by the science of now and the ways of our ancestors.
Consider this an open forum for communication in the collective.
We open this container to hold and nurture our community relations and invite you to dive in and share in the ongoing dialogue.

Check in often and add your own keys. We cannot do this alone and your presence and contribution is essential.
Thank you again for being such an integral part of this movement.

Site launched!

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