Greetings Family!
We’re happy to welcome you to our new blog.
Expressions is the portion of our site that we have created for interactive exploration.
We acknowledge you as our community and your participation is vital to our visioning and creative process. Thank you!
We will be posting current threads for you to weave within your own inspiration and explore the science of alchemy and community building.

This will not be limited to any particular topic, as it will be informed by the science of now and the ways of our ancestors.
Consider this an open forum for communication in the collective.
We open this container to hold and nurture our community relations and invite you to dive in and share in the ongoing dialogue.

Check in often and add your own keys. We cannot do this alone and your presence and contribution is essential.
Thank you again for being such an integral part of this movement.

5 Responses to “Welcome!!!”

  1. HURRAY! Congratulations on the site launch yo! I can feel the frequency of the motherland bumping in the trunks across the planet! It’s going to the next level! THANK YOU for putting your blood sweat tears and spirit into this crucial art offering. Bless.

  2. I’m so glad I found you! You beautiful beautiful lovely creatures!!! Thank you for contributing to the awakening of our divine selves!!!

  3. Anna Saqqara Says:

    Hi I’ve been really inspired by your web site and especially your music and lyrics,Good to find sisters spreading the vibe of one love around the globe.
    Sometimes one feels isolated working spreading the light here in Glastonbury I feel the expansion of the awakening in your lyrics.
    Cheers Anna-Saqqara
    priestess,prayerformer,temple dancer,community artivist.

    • Greetings Anna!

      It has been a while since you posted your sweet comment…nonetheless here is a grateful response! Thank you for your presence in solidarity in Europe. We dream of coming there soon, please stay in touch as it is vital to keep our kinnections alive in these mysterious, beautiful, and tragic times. Bless you in all that you do.

  4. I hope to see your beautiful, strong message on the Gulf Islands in Canada. We await in ancient embrace for your blessed presence…

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